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Sports Memorabilia

Our clients and customers trust us to help them build their perfect personal collection.

Our aim is to cultivate long-term relationships with people and provide the building blocks for their personal collections. We love turning our one-time customers into clients who trust us to find, acquire, and sell their items while guiding their vision for their personal collection.

Most people like to collect items that represent their favorite players, teams, and events while maximizing the value of their collection over time. Budget can be an important factor when building a collection, and we always take that into consideration. You do not need to be a wealthy person to have a great collection! Contact us today to see how we can assist you with building your ultimate personal collection.

We specialize in acquiring and offering the rarest and most valuable items on the planet.

Find us on eBayWith OTIA, treasures that many people assume to be impossible finds are legitimately within reach: a mint condition Mickey Mantle card, an autographed Beatles album, or even a full Super Bowl One ticket. We have brokered some of the largest deals in our industry’s history, and we have pieces on consignment in museums across the country.

Check out this link to see a few offerings from our eBay store and take a peek into the world of the incredibly rare items for sale in our portfolio.

What puts us in this unique position?

There are many reasons why, but our greatest asset is the unrivaled system of relationships we have worked extremely hard to cultivate for more than twenty years. We have great relationships with dealers from coast to coast, and our clientele includes current and former professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs bound together by our common passion for collecting.

We are fortunate to know about and have access to items that most people don’t even know exist. Some of our clients prefer their privacy when making historic purchases, but our associations assure that we know where collectible gems are buried and what it might take to see them unearthed again.

Our contacts and friendships within all of the major grading and authentication companies are also an extremely important part of our network when it comes to authenticating, protecting and solidifying the value of items in a collection.

We always have a presence at the top sports cards shows across the country, we closely follow all of the major auction houses in this country and fly out to view auction lots in person dozens of times each year, and we are constantly purchasing personal collections that contain some amazing items.

We know from experience that an amazing collection can bring a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and value to the collector. Contact us today to see how we can help you define, envision and reach your collection goals.

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