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Have questions? You may find the answer below.

Feel free to call us at (888) 919 6842 or shoot us an email on our contact page if you have more questions!

Many collections can be shipped to us, which eliminates the hassle of scheduling, traveling or transportation. If you have a large collection that is impractical to ship, we will drive or fly to you and handle the transportation. We also regularly conduct buying trips in different regions of the country, where we schedule appointments to view and purchase collections.

Cards from 1985-1995 are usually worth under 1 cent per card. These cards cost more for us to sell than they are worth. We will not buy them if they are the only cards in your collection, but we will still buy them if your collection also contains vintage cards. We typically donate 1985-1995 cards to a local organization if we acquire them as a part of a collection that also has vintage items.

We believe firmly that a collection should not be “cherry-picked”. If you wish to sell your entire collection, we will buy your entire collection. Do not allow someone to only purchase your best cards and leave you with the rest to deal with.

If you know someone that has a collection of sports cards and memorabilia they would like to sell, send us their contact information along with a note that you are hoping to receive a finder's fee for this transaction. If we end up purchasing the collection, you will receive 10% of the purchase price in cash (up to $100,000).

Contact us and describe the event that you have in mind. Sometimes people want a particular athlete or celebrity, and we can certainly quote you for that person. In our experience, the best way to design an event is to describe the goals of the event and your budget. We will present you with multiple options and provide insight into which athlete or celebrity would best achieve the goals of your event.

Our offer is good for 30 days. If you receive a better written offer for your collection, we will either beat it or tell you that offer is too good to pass up!

We want you to receive the best price for your unique collection. We are extremely confident that we will provide the highest cash offer you can find, but you have time to shop around if you wish. Our offer stands when you return.